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NameM/s M.M.Reshamwala
Office Address13,First Floor North Hathipala,Siyaganj,Jawahar Marg. INDORE 452 007 (MP)
Factory Address47, Sec A, Agarbatti Complex, Sanwer  Road, Indore (M.P.)
EstablishmentM M Reshamwala in the year 1983
StateMadhya Pradesh
Phone+91 731 2540244
Telefax+91 731 2450244
Cell Phone+91 99939 33323


ProprieterMr. Mohammad Ali Reshamwala
Marketing ManagerEr. Ajaz Reshamwala
Manager TechnicalMr. Mustakim Shah
Production HeadMr. Ali Asger Reshamwala


Manufacturing of House hold Pesticides for –

Cockroach Control Products

Bed Bug Control Products

Mosquito Control Products

Ant Control Products

Rodent Control Products

Termite Control Products

Flies Control Products


Pesticide Licence Number 528 (Perpetual)
DIC Approval 7541/17-10=2011
Shop Establishment 15873/IND/CE/2012(NEW)
CIB Manufacturing License License No. 193


  • Cockroach Control Products
  • Bed Bug Control Products
  • Mosquito Control Products
  • Ant Control Products
  • Rodent Control Products
  • Termite Control Products
  • Flies Control Products

EXISTING PRODUCTS RANGE Brand Product Available Sizes Unit Packings
1 Jallad Liquid Insect Killer Propoxure 20% EC 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 1ltr Glass Bottle, Glass Bottle, Pet Bottle, Pet Bottle, HDPE
2 Jallad Powder Cypermethrin 0.25% DP 50gm, 80gm Box, Tin
3 Dreadline Chalk Cypermethrin 1% Chalk 1Pcs Dozen
4 Tiger Rat Killer Powder Zinc Phosphide 80% 2gm, 4gm, 8gm, 20gm, 45gm 50 Pouch, Tin Packing, Tin Packing, Tin Packing, Tin Packing
5 Ratkil Rat-killer Powder Zinc Phosphide 80% 10gm, 100gm, 500gm 100 Pouch, Tin Packing, Tin Packing
6 Ratkil Rat-killer Paste Yellow Phosphorus 3% 15gm, 35gm Tube, Tube
7 Ratkil Granules Zinc Phosphide 2% RB 50gm Pouch
8 Tiger Rat Glue-Trap Glue Trap Small, Medium, Jumbo 150Pcs, 100Pcs
9 Tiger Rat Cake Bromodiolone 0.005% RB 25gm, 50gm, 100gm Pouch Packing, Pouch Packing, Pouch Packing
10 No Parking Spray Chloropyriphos 2% RTU 250ml, 500ml 40Pcs
11 Shokk Rat-Repellant Spray Essential Oil 150ml, 250ml 40Pcs
12 Arsend Multi-Purpose Aerosol Propoxure 2.1% Aerosol 200ml, 400ml 60Pcs, 35Pcs
13 Dot Gel Imida Chlorprid 2.15% Gel 15gm 10Pcs Tube
14 Antgo Gel Herbal Gel 30gm 2Pcs Dropper
15 Reeku Bait Propoxure 2% Bait 10gm, 25gm, 1kg Pouch, Pouch, Tin
16 Marcoz Gel Fipronil 0.05% Gel 10ml Dropper
17 MMR Drainex Drain Cleaner 50gm Pouch
18 Marvel Balls Naphthalene Balls 100gm, 500gm, 1kg Pouch, Pouch, Pouch
19 Blockade Termite Killer Chloropyroplos 20% 10ml, 100ml, 1ltr Glass Bottle, HDPE Bottle, Pet Bottle
20 Marcoz Gold Transflutorin 0.88% LV 45ml Refill Bottle
21 Marcoz Rebel Transflutorin 1.60% LV 45ml Refill Bottle
22 Marcoz Coil Transflutorin 0.03% W/W Mosquito Coil Coil
23 Marcoz Fast Card Transflutorin 1% FU Fast Card

1 D-Trans Allethrin (Aerosol) 0.25% Shokk Black Mosquitoes
2 Propexure 1% + Cyfrothin 0.025% (Aerosol) Shokk Red Cockroach
3 Imiduchlorpid 21% + Betacyfluthin 10.5% No Parking Bedbug Killer
4 Lambda Cyhalothrin WP 10% Defence Powder
5 Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.43% CS Defence Liquid


We are having a good team of highly qualified and experienced personnel to carry out all types of Manufacturing & Marketing operations promptly with perfection.

Includes –

Technical Personnel

Marketing Personnel

Human Resource Manager

Field Staff

Supervisors & Helpers          


We are adopting the latest methods approved by various International and National organizations of well repute. We also strictly follow the standards laid down by the Central  Insecticide Board & Indian Standard Institution in our works.
The methodology used is strictly as per the Rules  and Regulations laid down by the State and Central Authorities.

We are manufacturing Eco friendly insecticides and pesticides.


All Manufacturing and  Marketing operations are supervised by MMR employees trained to handle monitoring devices.

Guarding is one of the most important safety feature on our all operations.

We regularly monitor all the Operations  to ensure and achieve required results.


We continually educate and upgrade all members  of our team through regular periodical training by subject material specialists to use the most advanced methods and techniques.


We are fully equipped with all the necessary safety equipment as laid down by the Plant Protection Advisor to Govt of India, Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage, Faridabad to ensure the workers safety.


Our each employee is enjoying Group  Insurance and Leave Travel Concession facilities.


UAE, Germany, Japan, USA, South Africa.


We render consultancies in following fields –

Consultancy in Manufacturing

Consultancy in Marketing

Consultancy in Planning and execution